The Center for Creativity and Healing
4728 Park Rd, Suite C | Charlotte, NC 28209 | 704.523.5567

Counseling is a Catalyst for Change

Through counseling, we encourage our clients to take an active role in determining their course for change. We believe in a holistic approach to therapy that includes the mind-body connection and other aspects of each person's overall health and well-being. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with other professionals/collaterals and can refer you to a variety of related resources in the Charlotte, NC area.

Services we Provide Include the Following

  • Play Therapy, our child therapists provide counseling for children and adolescents. Play Therapy (and Animal Assisted Therapy) is the principle counseling method for small children.
  • Expressive Art Therapy for adults, adolescents and children use art to explore motivations and express feelings.
  • Counseling for adolescents, adults (cognitive behavioral), partners and families (family therapy or marriage counseling).
  • Personal Growth and Psychotherapy Groups for adults on such issues as sexual abuse, body image, interpersonal skills, creativity, etc.
  • Reunification Therapy for parents and children whose relationship has been disrupted due to litigation or other circumstances.
  • Parent-child Relationship Enhancement Training (Filial Therapy) for adult caregivers seeking to strengthen the bond and increase communication between themselves and their child.
  • A Comprehensive Counseling and educational approach for families who have experienced violence/abuse in their home.
  • Workshops and Classes on personal growth, creativity and spirituality, stress management, and communication.
  • Supportive Supervised Visitation
  • Total Yoga therapy and sessions.
  • Consultation and training for human services providers.
  • Charlotte region retreat facilitation for businesses and community organizations.